Regina Tape
Regina Tape Acum 19 ore
It looks like a bear and hamster 🐹
raj bhathal
raj bhathal Acum 19 ore
What if somone try to jump into the hoover dam
Ash Devil
Ash Devil Acum 19 ore
911: sorry kAren for nothing
8:30 James is a boy doe
Shaurya Jalan
Shaurya Jalan Acum 19 ore
Williametta Konneh
Williametta Konneh Acum 19 ore
Yes I cried the lil guy stuck his head like *me me take me * and then she said no poodle
Sydney Shiela Ruth
Sydney Shiela Ruth Acum 19 ore
I am the youngest but my 2 older brothers are so spoiled its like I am the middle child
Lalitha Abazeed
Lalitha Abazeed Acum 19 ore
I just wanted to tell you that this is my new star pic
「 Pruzz 」
「 Pruzz 」 Acum 19 ore
Bruh i use my hand to clean my booty and im fine with it
Antonius Behnam
Antonius Behnam Acum 19 ore
5 minutes a go that iPad is not for u it’s for Travis (10minutes later I’ll get you that iPad 😱
Lyanne Nemesis Bragais
Lyanne Nemesis Bragais Acum 19 ore
the turtle look like the one that gumball have 🤣😂😅
Shendo Canares
Shendo Canares Acum 19 ore
Da heck the first one was slender man
Spid3y Recreations
Spid3y Recreations Acum 19 ore
I love these vids :)
GachaBlox 123
GachaBlox 123 Acum 19 ore
I would move out
XxjadeisagodxX Acum 19 ore
Please lia's such a big sister I love her
Butterfly Acum 19 ore
0:36 she's not family friendly anymore
Zunaira Mustafa
Zunaira Mustafa Acum 19 ore
Don't press read more!!!!!!!!! I said not to but whatever Keep going I hope you have a nice day!
Purple Flower
Purple Flower Acum 19 ore
When she said “ Rapunzel Rapunzel let down that taffy,I want to yell NO ITS MINE
Neymar JR,π Ali
Neymar JR,π Ali Acum 19 ore
I win and I did
Beyond bad Gamer
Beyond bad Gamer Acum 19 ore
Beyond bad Gamer
Beyond bad Gamer Acum 19 ore
Can I see you sizer please
bijayanabami Acum 19 ore
Ishan Acum 19 ore
Mango stealer lol
Rishima Khanal
Rishima Khanal Acum 19 ore
I want your house . 😒can you give me 😕I am jealous
xXPusheen. FanXx
xXPusheen. FanXx Acum 19 ore
F for the idiot
Adv.Srinivasarao Nammi
Adv.Srinivasarao Nammi Acum 19 ore
whaa u cursed like omg
Postman Pat
Postman Pat Acum 19 ore
5:46 I live near there and there’s like 5 weirdly positioned trees all over the place.
Kelly Berogna
Kelly Berogna Acum 19 ore
My iPad die ing
Caelee Belcastro
Caelee Belcastro Acum 19 ore
I like it when every single person is called billy
Dan Louie Sulit
Dan Louie Sulit Acum 19 ore
Breannah Brassington
Breannah Brassington Acum 19 ore
Omg she's like what! She look so different
Lola Armes
Lola Armes Acum 19 ore
Sandra Holloway YT
Sandra Holloway YT Acum 19 ore
3:53 raccoons like human TI- never mjnd
Shoujo_nai *
Shoujo_nai * Acum 19 ore
Imma sleep with my parents tonight man 🤣🤣🤣
Jessica Jaszy
Jessica Jaszy Acum 19 ore
15:52 Sniperwolf: WOWWWW Me realizing its better then the life hack: HHOW
Gwexit Acum 19 ore
I watch your videos on mute. Ty for the content tho
Sajan Acum 19 ore
wtf what is this her finger in 3:31 lol
stdoher Acum 19 ore
Am I the only one who noticed that SSSniperWolf had something on her teeth
DS M Acum 19 ore
Reese Simpson
Reese Simpson Acum 19 ore
yeah I cut my bany's and I like them had them for a couple of year's
gracie lee
gracie lee Acum 19 ore
Who else finds Crunchy things so satisfying?
꧁ ℂ𝕙𝕦𝕓𝕓𝕪 ℂ𝕙𝕦 ꧂
꧁ ℂ𝕙𝕦𝕓𝕓𝕪 ℂ𝕙𝕦 ꧂ Acum 19 ore
rasengan chidori
rasengan chidori Acum 19 ore
re:zero fans for one of the ;-;
Sarah Hammond
Sarah Hammond Acum 19 ore
What does PSP mean????????
resti sidabutar
resti sidabutar Acum 19 ore
Chicken nuggert & rice a that even singale day
Danielle Backous
Danielle Backous Acum 19 ore
this feels weird watching this not seeing anyone with masks
That girl who put her mom looks lije my litreature teacher
chetana raj
chetana raj Acum 19 ore
Look cute 💕
Bootiful Meh
Bootiful Meh Acum 19 ore
Libby is my name but with only one b
[email protected]^°^ Acum 19 ore
Welp I guess 594k people thinks she's crazy then it is what it is🙂
Panda Lee Paint'z
Panda Lee Paint'z Acum 19 ore
u said wow when u catch da ball .
Hkaw bawm Galau
Hkaw bawm Galau Acum 19 ore
I didn't even realize that there was a Tarantula in her hair
Scorenora Acum 19 ore
I as born in 2012 am 9
1s Acum 19 ore
I allowed to eat but I need to off my camera
Jack Wetter
Jack Wetter Acum 19 ore
The woman from the second clip said ‘ your plants are over grown’ I would have said you are over grown.
It all started when trees met the sky and fell in love and had rain
nandiny Nair
nandiny Nair Acum 19 ore
It's funny how every guy is "my dude" For our gal😂😂😂
salty breaker
salty breaker Acum 19 ore
Can you please give me a shout out
SAM JORDAN Acum 19 ore
the first video happens to me
Galaxyplayz Acum 19 ore
the only thing I was scared of was the thing in the ice cream store when all the light turned off
sweet eevee
sweet eevee Acum 19 ore
I'm the youngest
amina Acum 19 ore
Omg this so sad😥😥😀🙄🙄
Lucie Green
Lucie Green Acum 19 ore
And thats why I like being the youngest and the only girl
sam 810 fgteev
sam 810 fgteev Acum 19 ore
øø øø
øø øø Acum 19 ore
jeguu topae
jeguu topae Acum 19 ore
The true paperback fittingly screw because titanium comparatively branch lest a petite map. aware, giddy lemonade
Rosie Acum 19 ore
7:37 the rubiks cube is gone but before there were 3
Kylie Mueller
Kylie Mueller Acum 19 ore
I prefer hungry Jacks tan Macca’s
Emre A
Emre A Acum 19 ore
Bullshit get. OwwwwI just hurt myself by this stupid zip okay and I’m not about to make a video of puppets
Abigail M Sindhunata
Abigail M Sindhunata Acum 19 ore
Almost all my friend don't have a dad :')
Nathan Dimka
Nathan Dimka Acum 19 ore
What did you do with your hair
Rae Pacquette Dorsett
Rae Pacquette Dorsett Acum 19 ore
I've had one of those wobbly eggs *so weird*
Nayla Zdravkova
Nayla Zdravkova Acum 19 ore
Sniper wolf where is tuna's grave?
Jiya Prakash
Jiya Prakash Acum 19 ore
My mum is too afraid to even drive 😂
Helen McGrath
Helen McGrath Acum 19 ore
It's the water for mehhhh
MarcZyruz de Borja
MarcZyruz de Borja Acum 19 ore
that 3am challenge is jamills youtube chanel
Void Bennett
Void Bennett Acum 19 ore
Im in the quiet zone.. and he ain’t wrong wait he said they get good grades ok he lied
Ķäţžüňï Žä
Ķäţžüňï Žä Acum 19 ore
Same my nuckles are also thick
Hkaw bawm Galau
Hkaw bawm Galau Acum 19 ore
I laughed as hell in the first one already lol