Karens Who Got Caught On Camera

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Meme Suns
Meme Suns Acum 17 minute
The Woman that’s on your mask when he had trick ones is the person Who made a girl quit her job
Josiah Walker
Josiah Walker Acum 34 minute
Omg 2:12 is my local taco bell
Jake Boice
Jake Boice Acum 36 minute
Man- this is my parking spot Karen- OUR parking spot
Mercedes Rodriguez
Mercedes Rodriguez Acum 38 minute
have you ever thout that we are the karens but karens are not karens
Dewi Sukmasari
Dewi Sukmasari Acum 47 minute
When karen is coming: you are hella out of the car i will call the cops Im sorry i will call my manager Karen: (oh heck no)
Hayden Arbogast
Hayden Arbogast Acum 57 minute
The flag touch the ground
Marie Estrada
Marie Estrada Acum 58 minute
One of the Karen’s of this video : YOU ARE NOT ALOUD TO POST THIS!
Beauty-fool Acum oră
The tittle should be : Karen’s in parking lots
・Angełic Peach・
・Angełic Peach・ Acum oră
Terrence Sands
Terrence Sands Acum oră
I think that if something doesn't go the way a karen wants, the karen calls the police
Emilia Amaya
Emilia Amaya Acum oră
The Karen who got “cut off” was using her phone while driving so even if she reports it to the police she will still get a ticket
jefferson villordon
jefferson villordon Acum oră
Shaaron & Makeyla
Shaaron & Makeyla Acum oră
Karen did not learn learn anything from school or college
It's Brody
It's Brody Acum oră
All these Karen’s are trying to over use there rights and yet we got Diet Coke over here with the flag touching the ground and when a flag touches the ground it is very disrespectful soooo yeah
rixxie Acum 2 ore
Your On The Wrong Side Of The Road: ME YOUR ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE BED
Parker Engle
Parker Engle Acum 2 ore
Was one of them the Karen that made a person quit there job
Carrick McClintock
Carrick McClintock Acum 2 ore
She’s got the preus
-. Tacos wants some cake  .-
-. Tacos wants some cake .- Acum 3 ore
Did anyone else notice she has pin earrings 0.0
𝟙𝕧𝟙...𝒾𝓁𝓎𝓋𝓆 Acum 3 ore
Okay the other dude with the face-facemask The girl saying hes not is the GIRL THAT MADE A GIRL QUIT FROM HER JOBBBBBBBBBB 😩
klx400sr69 Acum 3 ore
lucky she didn’t get shot
Morgan Ward
Morgan Ward Acum 3 ore
Male Karen's are called Kyles
Lamby’s vids - ceo of all lambs
Lamby’s vids - ceo of all lambs Acum 3 ore
Hey lady it’s nacho fires now get out *cringy funny noise*
bobby Is-the-Man
bobby Is-the-Man Acum 3 ore
Good job 👍 So many STUPIDOS! Lol
stars slip away
stars slip away Acum 3 ore
Karen's at their finest
Nightmare Acum 3 ore
It’s all fun and games till you talk about my dog
MARY ZAMORA Acum 3 ore
I am six Krypt and I like every single Karen video
fidgetlover101 Acum 3 ore
The dog was so cute
Aly Shell
Aly Shell Acum 4 ore
Karen alert Karen alert she pays her taxes so she owns the world apparently
Aly Shell
Aly Shell Acum 4 ore
So you so you pay your taxes doesn't mean you own the world Karen
Jayson Andrew Arellano
Jayson Andrew Arellano Acum 4 ore
"This not a karen this an animal" Wait what's the difference?
{boba_ Addict}
{boba_ Addict} Acum 4 ore
The Karen who complained about the dog in the comfort of her own car is weird but the doggie is so cute I mean I love A lot of short hair doggies did you’re so cute and chunky
Thea Spurgeon
Thea Spurgeon Acum 4 ore
I would drive over the Karen in the parking lot
Taiga DE
Taiga DE Acum 4 ore
why does the first one sound like that vegan teacher 😀✋
Ruby McGinnis
Ruby McGinnis Acum 4 ore
Yo like my mom is not getting her car fixed until next year
Shopkin princess
Shopkin princess Acum 4 ore
I am so lucky that I don’t have a Karen mom because like if I couldn’t I didn’t get my Chicken nuggets from McDonald’s I wouldn’t blame about that I’ll be OK
Wyatt Shirley
Wyatt Shirley Acum 4 ore
Me. seeing the SSSniperWolf Karen video Karen: makes the girl quit her job Me: Karens are forcing people to quit there jobs now yay also me: why just why are Karens being such idiots for throwing such the dumbest excuses on the face of the earth just suck it up and take on the real world like a normal person should do and sssniperwolf " sun is shining birds are chirping and Karen's are causing chaos."
Shadow :P
Shadow :P Acum 4 ore
5:36 me when I save a spot for my friend in 1st grade I’m da chick And my teacher is the dude
Sonicly Qaulan
Sonicly Qaulan Acum 4 ore
they just stupid
Lydia M
Lydia M Acum 5 ore
That girl telling that dude to wear his mask is the one that went into the restaurant and got that girl to quit … I’m not surprised
elia gaspar
elia gaspar Acum 5 ore
Oooooohhhh Karen hunting
Rose Hearts
Rose Hearts Acum 5 ore
The Karen lady at 5:17 is literally so pretty lol
Ellie Gray
Ellie Gray Acum 5 ore
Went to a Dollar tree with my mom one day and the store that was working there he said I will put a sticker on the door that says no Karen's allowed lol
☀️sᴜɴɴʏ_ᴘʟᴀʏs☀️ Acum 5 ore
*sOmE tImEs liFe iS nOt fAir* -lia
Autumn Lynn
Autumn Lynn Acum 5 ore
My anger issues really show when I watch these videos I'ma bout kill a few people🙂
The Maker
The Maker Acum 5 ore
Where did he get the custom mask with his face on it I want one
Jevon elliott
Jevon elliott Acum 5 ore
I jus want a Karen to come up to me😏😂
Gone Fishin
Gone Fishin Acum 5 ore
Is this going to be about face masks again because I gotta tell you, in a few years time looking back you're gonna realise YOU were the Karen for bleating on at people who realised how f'in ridiculous wearing face nappies was.
FidgetsWithHuman Acum 5 ore
0:52 they are at target!!!!!!
AwakeFreedom Acum 6 ore
Why are so many Karen’s appearing at Taco Bell like the employees already have to deal with nitpicky people they don’t have to deal with Karen‘s to that’s just Unfair
AwakeFreedom Acum 6 ore
Oh my god that’s just excessive
That utah girl
That utah girl Acum 6 ore
That Karen who thinks she owns the land she is CRISPY...EWWW
iiAiko_YT Acum 6 ore
at 10:15 that is no way to treat the flag
Edwin Tejada
Edwin Tejada Acum 4 ore
She disrespected our country's flag 😫
Nehan Wali
Nehan Wali Acum 6 ore
4:58 That Karen looks like that girl who made desert for her party from a toilet. If it is here than she just rose up high on the list of internet's worst people
Abel Spohn
Abel Spohn Acum 6 ore
What channel is Sebastian on the entire universe
CatBee Acum 6 ore
0:55 Damn Not even a minute and I wanna go full speed as soon as she walks away in front of the car
20 gauge gamer
20 gauge gamer Acum 6 ore
You’d be great at milking cows given how long you milked the Karen bit
Shay Caroline
Shay Caroline Acum 6 ore
Some Karens really love to hassle the mail person. It's called lunch, Karen. Just tryna survive out in the wilds of your crappy cul de sac.
Alisha Khan
Alisha Khan Acum 7 ore
At McDonald’s my mom said someone was pretty and got a free apple pie it was delicious
F4irytxles Acum 7 ore
I mean if you think about it whenever you speak in the joke mask, the mouth on it wouldn’t move if it was real but if it was real it would move. 😂✨
SavageTuRTLesZZ Gaming
SavageTuRTLesZZ Gaming Acum 7 ore
5:15 I mean she does have a point
imagine if the karens were watching this
Pokémon quest anything 2
Pokémon quest anything 2 Acum 7 ore
Jackie Wilks
Jackie Wilks Acum 7 ore
Body guarding car space Karen the guy in the car was my best friend’s dad and her and myself was in the back
Ben Skinner
Ben Skinner Acum 7 ore
Bruh I hait karens
Susannah Han
Susannah Han Acum 7 ore
"LET ME SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER" Me: Let me speak to your parents
Callum Thompson
Callum Thompson Acum 8 ore
SSSniperwolf is Gnarly bruh
Mason Clendenen
Mason Clendenen Acum 8 ore
10:40 I just had a mini heart attack because at the last second a woman with a gray hoodie and blond hair walks into the frame. when i zoomed in to her face i realized that was my 4TH GRADE TEACHER!!!!????
Ametist Acum 8 ore
The dog is so cute, these karens really have no taste. That dog was so short, it couldn't even harm her
Charlotte Black
Charlotte Black Acum 8 ore
I need one of those masks😷
☾Lucy Diamond☽
☾Lucy Diamond☽ Acum 8 ore
I have a Red Mazda and KARENS have a Toyota🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
-•Śüňfłøwëř Žøňä•-
-•Śüňfłøwëř Žøňä•- Acum 8 ore
0:28 excuses YOU m'am but in europe .......WE DRIV ON THE RIGHT SIDE YOU BITC-
NuNuu Acum 8 ore
Captain Ames
Captain Ames Acum 8 ore
That last one couldn't have been a Karen. She seemed not in her right mind. I saw someone mention dementia.
The gaming Wolf
The gaming Wolf Acum 8 ore
lol look at 5:18 she was in the cheater video
NXT MSK Acum 8 ore
some americans complain about the smallest things
Jordana Hirt
Jordana Hirt Acum 8 ore
The only phone number that Karen’s have is 911
~gacha_midnightstar~ Acum 8 ore
Karens caught in 4k📸 be like-
ღ Not C.C ღ
ღ Not C.C ღ Acum 9 ore
Karen once said: "jUsT wAiT tIlL u SeE mY bOyFrIeNd" And karen ALWAYS says: " IM CALLING THE COPS" or" LEMME SPEACH TO THE MANAGER"
Makeup Land
Makeup Land Acum 9 ore
Haha funny
Mele Uzeta
Mele Uzeta Acum 9 ore
How come at the beginning of the pandemic karens were buying all the toilet paper and screaming at everyone that "wasnt wearing their mask right" but now they REFUSE to wear masks..Like.. bruh-
Kevin Pendley
Kevin Pendley Acum 9 ore
Jane audley
Jane audley Acum 9 ore
I sat here thinking my mum is a Karen 🦦🌜🧸⁉️🛼🧃🌸🦷
•☆ꜱ ᴋ ɪ ᴛ ᴛ ʟ ᴇ ꜱ☆•
•☆ꜱ ᴋ ɪ ᴛ ᴛ ʟ ᴇ ꜱ☆• Acum 9 ore
Nothing is worse than a freshly baked karen
rogelio ramirez
rogelio ramirez Acum 9 ore
stop toking shut up
Everything Me
Everything Me Acum 10 ore
I was in Target one day and the line was like INSANELY long….but it was like moving really quick and no else had a problem….well……of corse a Karen yelled at a employee. So when me and my mom were moving to the back of the line, we walked past a Karen and she was talking to an employee and she said…”😡OkAy, tHiS lInE iS uNeCcEpTaBlE, iT iSn’T cHrIsTmAs Or SoMeThInG??!!😡” Lollllllllll I was about to die laughing when she was behind us in line huffing and puffing 😂😂😂
Chloe Camplin
Chloe Camplin Acum 11 ore
When the lady was bodyblocking the mans car if it was me I would just hit her
Tomasz Jaz
Tomasz Jaz Acum 11 ore
Fun fact in europ you drive on the ride side of the road
Fivehides Acum 11 ore
Wasn't the lady in 4:59 the lady who was on another Karen video, where she made somebody quit?
Jaelynn Exon
Jaelynn Exon Acum 11 ore
The Uber one… my names Jaelynn-
The best royalty family ever
The best royalty family ever Acum 11 ore
No but that girl who is making like that what she really short season like she stupid
Alex Wells
Alex Wells Acum 11 ore
5:02 hey yo is that that lady that was complaining about not wearing a mask because it would ruin her lipstick and now she over here complaining to someone else about it.
Miss Donut/MD
Miss Donut/MD Acum 12 ore
We need Karen-Proof doors like fire-proof doors so they can’t open our doors!!
Avocado Fatigue
Avocado Fatigue Acum 12 ore
What bothers me is the people who wear it on there chin or beneath there nosr
Nasser abdellatif
Nasser abdellatif Acum 12 ore
I would not hesitate to knock any of these Karen’s out
Lanya Hawar
Lanya Hawar Acum 12 ore
I wanted to slap everyone of them
Erica Nakutis
Erica Nakutis Acum 12 ore
Can I get a shout out
Caylin Cavin
Caylin Cavin Acum 12 ore
That dog went wiggle wiggle wiggle
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